Saturday, March 28, 2009

MIssion Trip begins today

I began ministry as a youth pastor in suburban Chicago. I did it twice; once for a year before internship in Kansas, and then for another year during my last year in seminary. It was great. I've always been involved in youth ministry; teaching confirmation, going skiing with youth, speaking at camps occasionally and playing softball and, more recently, wiffle-ball. But I have not gone on a missions trip for a long, long time, until today.
This afternoon I will be accompanying four young men, another dad, and Lisa Holmlund on a one-week mission-adventure through California. We will be stopping at strategic locations where Covenant Churches (and others) are doing ministries of compassion, mercy and justice. We leave the church parking lot today at 1:00 pm and head south to Los Angeles. I will be posting very frequently pictures from my iphone and then summaries in the evening if I have access to wifi. This should be fun!


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