Saturday, March 21, 2009

Layoff Survivor's Duty: a call to the church

In the Business Day section of today's New York Times Ron Lieber listed eight categories of help those who are employed can offer to those who are unemployed. As i read the article, there were a number of great ideas for the church to participate in. Here are the seven:
1. Tweets (help them access web-sites, facebook, etc)
2. Desks (offer the use of copiers and printers)
3. Links (connect friends to others)
4. Patronage (hire unemployed friends for part-time work)
5. Playdates (taking care of friends' kids to ease pressure)
6. Meals (simple invitations to home-cooked meals...hospitality)
7. Remodeling (help people sell on ebay old stuff)
8. Financial Aid (gift or loan ?)


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