Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Springs...Ice Cream!

There is no way to make a 500 mile trip in a suburban with four high schoolers and three adults a pretty thing! It was noisy, cramped and sweaty, funny and even quiet. We took US 5 from San Diego through Los Angeles up the grape vine and up the valley to Santa Cruz. The guys were really great travelers, watching movies, playing games, listening to each others' ipods on shuffle for 15 minute blocks of time and playing 20 questions.
We arrived at Mission Springs just near the setting of the sun, so that Lisa could take the guys on a hike to "her" redwood stump they climbed/fought over.
We then drove into Santa Cruz for clam chowder and a walk on the pier (interrupted by a video motorcycle race I was goaded into playing ...I race only Garrett Prather and still came in 6th!! What an insult). After walking the pier, we hit the world famous ice cream store in Santa Cruz (whose name I forgot just now) and ate some more. Tomorrow we head into San Francisco to eventually visit San Quentin Prison and see some other urban ministries.


At 3:41 AM , Anonymous Rick said...


At 5:17 AM , Blogger Brad Boydston said...

Looks like Mariannes. I always used to get bubble-gum -- with real bubble-gum balls embedded in the ice cream -- so many that my parents wouldn't let me chew all the bubble gum at once.

At 6:56 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Thank you...Mariannes it was! I knew you gourmets would help me out!

At 7:23 AM , Anonymous Rick said...

I've been going to Marianne's since I was about 5 years old when my Grandmother lived in Santa Cruz. The stuffy old Presbyterian Church she attended in those days is now Vintage Faith, where the emerging Dan Kimball ministers.


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