Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rolling Hills Covenant

This is the last picture of the group before we headed off to bed. Whew! What a full day. We toured the Japanese-American Museum first (below) and saw the brutal evidence of internment. Then we met Walter Contraras and visited the Fred Jordan Mission on skid row, seeing two different videos on homelessness and immigration. Then we went out into the community with some Fred Jordan staff to see skid row and hand out food supplies to the homeless, visiting the Rescue Mission and the Midnight Mission. Then we had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant and drove to Rolling Hills Covenant Church where we met with Jorge and Victoria, friends of Walter. Jorge is a US Marshall and Victoria is a recently retired Federal Prison Warden. They shared their stories with us till almost 11 pm. We collapsed around the church on floors and sofas immediately.
Now it's dark. One boy us up and along with Mike Prather and the coffee is on. What will today bring?


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