Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saying goodbye to Garrett

This afternoon, after worshiping at River of Life Church, feasting on Korean BBQ, touring the Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance Museum and hearing a presentation about migrant workers, we had coffee downtown LA and then said goodbye to fearless Garrett Fujiwara, who accompanied us since we left Santa Barbara Saturday afternoon. Garrett, who chairs the MCC Community Outreach Committee and is loved and respected by the guys, gave up a weekend to be with us (and eat meals with us!!).
Now everyone is relaxing with a movie, getting ready for tomorrow's adventure to San Diego and a trip to the border. The issue of immigration is touchy. When presenters talk about basic human rights for having clean water and rest rooms, we all nod our heads in agreement. But when we talk about immigration policy specifics and legislation for health care reform, then conversations get politicized. We will, no doubt, walk into more of these conversations in the next days together.
The guys are great to be with, thought it's truly amazing to see how much they consume and how often they get legitimately hungry again!!


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