Thursday, April 23, 2009

50th Anniversary: What Do These Stones Mean?

The only church anniversary I remember was that of 1st Covenant St. Paul when I was in college (1971-1976). The other churches I served had anniversaries before I arrived or after I left, but not during my tenure. I have dedicated buildings, burned mortgages, recognized pastoral retirements, and many couples' wedding anniversaries, but never that of a church....until now. This weekend Montecito Covenant celebrates its 50th Anniversary: 1959-2009.
There will be a big event Saturday evening; processing from our first worship location on the campus of Westmont College, down to the gym where we worship after we outgrew the old sanctuary and then into the newly completed sanctuary (2005). Former pastors will be present and sharing and praying. We commissioned a member to make a dvd celebrating our history, present and future. And we purchased a large stone and had our name, dates and scripture etched onto its face in the area we hope to make into a prayer garden.
After three and a half years, I am aware of my brevity within this congregation. What do our 50 years mean? What does this stone mean? In the story of Joshua (4:6) the meaning of the stone(s) is that the hand of the Lord is mighty and we should fear the Lord God forever. Our past experience with God reveals that he has been mighty among this congregation and the members and friends. And he is mighty still.


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