Saturday, April 18, 2009

Behind Locked Doors

We know the story pretty well in the post-Easter season. After Jesus' resurrection appearances to a few, but not all, the remaining disciples went to cover, returning to the Upper Room to lock themselves in "for fear of the Jews." The John 20:19-31 text is this great narrative of Jesus coming through fear-locked doors and breathing peace.
Fear locks us down. The Fear Paralysis Reflex is part of our brain-stem equipment that shuts us down, in the womb, to trauma. It's a reflex. We don't think about it. It translates out into the world with blinks and flinching. Fear prompts and automatic response...and that's good mostly.
But fear is pervasive and part of the market-driven culture we live in. Some of us live hooked on fear. We cannot recall a time when fear did not drive our thoughts and actions. Like the photo above, we are chained by some very familiar fears. Jesus unlocks fears.
What would it mean to you, your family, your organization, your staff, your church if you were not hounded by fears?


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