Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Big Wave of Holy Week

It's still dark here. I got up early to take Anna to the Air Bus for her trip to see her dad. But I'm keyed up. It's Maundy Thursday. Tonight we will try an innovative meal/service of foot-painting of children and significant adults and make prints of them for the children. Then we will see if adults and children can wash the paint off of each others' feet. Following the soup meal, foot-painting/washing we will celebrate communion together.
Good Friday plans to be a walking of the stations of the cross through a neighborhood burned by the Tea Fire last November. At each of seven homes, we will stop for a litany of remembrance of what Jesus suffered for us against the backdrop of devastation. The forecast is for rain. We have plans to move inside if we need to, but we all hope we can do the walk.
Easter is full of music, flowers and food. In addition to the regular joy of preaching, I will be baptizing a young man in the afternoon who gave his life to Christ after a long ordeal, which I hope to have him share just before the sermon. Another young boy (10) gave his life to Jesus last Sunday and might give witness to his decision as well.
Holy Week is a big wave that is beautiful, fast moving, and can sometimes really tumble you.


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