Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Day of Foot Washing

Pastor for Gospel Action, Jon Lemmond, invited me to join him for a foot-washing event downtown Santa Barbara for the homeless in our community. It was sponsored by "Well-Bridge" a local agency that gives compassionate care to the homeless. They came out in big numbers, gathering for a meal, registration and wait.

When the time came for the foot-washing, it was a serious foot-washing of warm water, soap and hydrogen peroxide, overseen by an area podiatrist. The whole process took up to 30 minutes, giving Jon the occasion to seriously visit with and get to know the homeless man whose feet he washed

Tonight MCC gathered for a soup-supper, foot-printing of tempra paint on paper and then washing the paint off.

But one young boy grabbed me, to have my foot-print painted along side his. Then he washed my feet. I tell you, I'm not used to having a young boy wash my feet! It was a humbling experience to have this child touch, wash and dry my feet as everyone looked on. No wonder Peter objected!


At 5:11 AM , Blogger Laura. said...

you guys do some really great stuff with your church and community--really bold and creative. you have some really unique opportunities. footwashing is such an intimate and awkward interaction, espcially since we don't really do much of it these days. good thoughts for a good friday morning.


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