Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunday: The Last Word

Who has the last word in your home? your circle of friends? your job? I came across a term this week called "last word syndrome" that describes the personality type that has to get the last word in, always, everywhere. We know them. Sometimes we are them. But last words are also very helpful. Someone needs to have a final say on things, from minor decisions to going to war. We need to know who is in charge and who are the authority to bring the last word.
In my ministry, last words have often been attributed to Jesus' last words on the cross. We have focussed tenebrae services around the seven last words of Jesus. But those are not his last words. His last words are those after the death, after the resurrection in his encounters with the disciples. Those are the words my heart hungered to hear this year.
So worship tomorrow will revolve around all four Gospels and the last words of Jesus to his friends and....to us.


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