Monday, April 13, 2009

Leland Eliasson on the value of seminary

In a recent interview with "REV"magazine, my old friend Leland Eliasson, provost of Bethel Seminary reflects on the up-sides and down-sides of seminary education. I have had conversations with church leaders about how effective or not a seminary education is for contemporary ministry. We have some strong churches in our area pastored by persons without an MDiv. Yet Fuller Theological Seminary offers off-site classes in our facility, and I am seeing these guys enrolled in classes well into their pastoral careers. When I talked with them, their response to me was that now they knew where they needed to grow deeper (Greek, Hebrew, Church History, Systematic Theology).
What lessons from seminary keep you going over the years? What were the invaluable skill-sets you keep fresh? What were the classes that were less valuable over the long haul?


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