Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Meaning of Stones

If you read this blog, you already know from the post below that this weekend is a big deal here at MCC. We are celebrating 50 years of life as a congregation. This afternoon we will gather on the Westmont campus at our first worship site, Deane Chapel and hear reflections from a founding member and former pastor Bryan Jeffrey Leech. Then we will process with music down the hill on a path to the gym for dinner. There we will recount the growth days during the pastoral leadership team of Curt Peterson and Jon Ireland. The congregation outgrew the official sanctuary on our current location and built a multi-purpose gym where worship was held. Then around 7:00 pm we will adjourn to the newest building on the campus, the sanctuary, where we will hear a poem written for the occasion by Dr. Paul Willis, a violin duet by Dr. Phil Fiscor and his wife Claire-Marie Fiscor and then premier a dvd on our 50 years of life that was shot by Casson Demmon.
On Sunday I'm preaching on Joshua 4:6 and the meaning of stones. I realized as I prepared for this sermon, how prominently stones figure into my life and photography. I'm captivated by stones, large and small. My three-time rejected manuscript on sacred space is titled "Old Stones; a rediscovery of the sacred." I have a stone perched on my window sill and a shard of stone from Israel on my credenza.
In an age of plastics and throwaways, stones endure, stones last. Stones bear up under storms and wind, snow and fire. Stones silently witness to stability and endurance. Stones outlast every human being. Stones point me to God.


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