Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Tribute to Beauty

Traveling with four high school young men, a dad and our Student Ministries director in one suburban since Saturday is a definite challenge for introverted old me. I'm learning new meanings of personal space and tolerance. I'm sure the students are seeing a new dimension to their senior pastor, sitting in the van, staring out the window or playing 20 question games with them.
But one side benefit of this adventure is the appreciation of California's beauty. Los Angeles has the hum of a bee-hive in full swing. The streets and highways buzz with energy. The drive south to San Diego showed off the beauty of the ocean and the dry, rolling, stone studded hills that undulate around the city. It certainly helped that we had a beautiful location at the Gwinn home. The drive north yesterday on the 5, back through Los Angeles, Annaheim and Disney Land, then up the long grade of the grape vine and down into the dry grazing lands of Harris Ranch and into the salad bowl of lettuce, onions and strawberrys. But the high redwoods of Mission Springs silenced a lot of our noisy restlessness as we walked through the tree sanctuary. "The heavens are telling...."


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