Monday, May 18, 2009

Applause For My Dad

Last night I went to jail for the monthly Bible study I teach. 17 inmates gathered in a classroom from their crowded bunking area pictured above (I didn't take the picture but found it on the web). We began with prayer and singing from a song-sheet and cd that my friend Ricky Ryan from Calvary Chapel gave me. Several of the guys were crying as we sang. After four songs, I told them about how this Sunday was unique. Over the past two years of doing Bible studies, I would call my dad on Sundays going to the jail and talk in the car. He was intrigued by this new ministry I was doing, telling me that he never got involved in jail ministry and wished that he did. So he was curious about what I did and how the guys responded. So often Monday mornings were times I would call and tell him about jail services, about responses and decisions to accept Christ.
Last night I told the guys that story and about my dad's death on May 6th. I said, "Tonight my dad got the first chance to watch us worship and I'm sure he thinks you all did a great job worshiping God." With that, all of them immediately applauded my dad. I couldn't talk.


At 3:45 PM , Blogger Pastor Hugo Otaola said...

This is sad for the lost of your Dad even though we know where he is at, BUT at the same time it is awesome to know how the Spirit is moving in the jail because of your obidience. Praise God for that! Love you bro! - HugoO


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