Sunday, May 03, 2009

Confirmation & Baptism

Eight young people confirmed their faith today in the second worship service. They did something more by eagerly participating in worship, singing, playing the drums, taking the offering, reading scripture and offering the congregational prayer. This was one of those exceptional classes that "gets it. They are still squirrely 7th and 8th graders, always hungry and ready to throw things. But there was a spiritual eagerness about them that made me pause and thank God for the privilege of teaching confirmation.
Then in the afternoon one confirmand requested baptism. When I asked him during out interview if he wished to be baptized during worship, in a pool or the ocean, he rolled his eyes and said "The ocean, of course!". So Lisa, the young man and I went out into the water for baptism. But it was getting wavy and we got knocked over almost. It reminded me that baptism is not safe. It almost tore Lisa away from us. We had to hang on to each other. I guess that's what pastors do with their people; hang on to each other when successive waves roll us around. And when we get through, we whoop it up like Lisa is doing! It was a very good day!


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