Saturday, May 30, 2009

Disciple-Making 101

Saturday morning. 10 adults getting coffee and cookies in the Fellowship Hall. Lights and heat on to stave off the cold and gloom of the marine layer (but no fires!!!). It looks tedious, like another committee meeting that grinds up people's time and energy. But it's not. This is the first gathering of the teaching staff and leadership for Noah's 1/2 Day Camp that this church has been running in summers for years and years and years.
At one point in MCC history over 400 kids overflowed the facility with singing, skits, crafts, games....and hearing the story of Jesus. A local emergent church pastor told me a couple years ago that he met Jesus here at Noah's Camp. Adults learn to share about Jesus and young children and their families hear about Jesus...and lives get changed forever. That's discipleship!
How does it happen? The general fund of the church covers the mortgage, utilities, insurance, custodial staff, support staff, administration, mailing and equipment needs. The boring, every Sunday offering plates and checks in the mail to "MCC" get it done along with lots of persons who have other jobs and other demands on their lives who are "called" to step in here to work and plan so that young people can come to know Jesus. Pretty cool!


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