Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day: Thanks!

I'm not a big flag-waver, parade goer big-event kind of person. I've modeled my patriotism from both my father and grandfather; both of whom served in the Army during WW I (in France) and WW II (in Germany, liberating Dachau concentration camp). Both men grew more tender over the years, tearing up when talking about the sacrifices others made, terrible fear in battle and the deep rightness of the cause. What has impressed me over time was their obedience; to go where they were sent, into harm's way with no assurance of safety.
I sensed a similar attitude several weeks ago among the fire-fighters, who showed up from all over the state. When we were driving down the hill for evacuation safety, they were heading up the hills into the flames and smoke and danger. They were not wild-eyed risk-takers, but obedient servants being deployed by commanders to fight danger for our safety.
It's the same thing for police and highway patrol, who take great risks to keep us safe. Every Monday when our church parking lot has a number of squad cars and sheriffs' cars while the guys play basketball, I bless them for their kind of patriotism...all of which I honor on Memorial Day. Thanks!


At 10:46 AM , Blogger E Erickson said...

I agree, and often think of the devotion those people have/had!!


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