Thursday, June 04, 2009

Choral Hunger: "Coro Montenero"

There is something about a choir that my heart/ears still ache for. I love what is happening musically at church these days. The energy and excitement, the new sounds to old hymns, the young people (and some not-so-young people) are sharing their gifts musically. I get it and love it. I am learning to worship in new and spontaneous ways, not driven by notes on a page, but words on a screen. I often make up my own harmonies as we sing through a familiar song. It is freeing and liberating.
But tonight at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the "Coro Montenero" from the Piedmont area of Italy gave a concert. It was an all male choir made up of Italian Mountaineers, the "Associazone Nazionale Alpini- Alessandria" who sang. The purpose of their tour was to raise funds to help the region in Italy destroyed by the earthquake L'Aquila.
But if you listen below to their acapella sound, it is glorious. There is something about good choral music that touches a part of my soul that nothing else does. It's the disciplined sound of voices, not competing, but perfectly blending together, enunciating words perfectly and soaring high and rumbling low. It was the glory of solid bass voices and the lyric heights of the tenors, and the solid middle voices of the baritones. All the way home I kept saying "Ah, that was good for my soul." I am grateful for the new sounds, electric sounds, acoustic sounds...and then the sounds of choirs.


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