Wednesday, June 03, 2009

iPhone for All

Yesterday I bought Martha an iPhone. Not a big deal in itself, but a reflection of our family values and the culture of Apple. Martha's old phone went kaput. So I went to the AT&T store to find an upgrade for her that had a qwerty keyboard for texting but "was not complicated" in her terms. She is no techy, so would balk at anything complicated. Isaac assisted me by phone as we examined all the options on the wall. "Wouldn't you just like to buy her an iPhone?" the salesman kept asking? No, she did not want a "fancy" iPhone like ours, just a simple phone that worked. Well, I got one and took it home. It had a split body that turned into a keyboard and a touch screen, but it was SO CONFUSING. It was not as simple as the iPhone. The more I worked, the more confused I became. I worked to try to figure out the phone for 3 hours!
Martha needed an iPhone. It would work just the same as all the kids' phones (a big plus when I get in trouble) and I know how to use it and IT IS SIMPLE! So it looks like our family is hooked!


At 8:11 AM , Blogger Laura. said...

wow. let me just pick my jaw up off the floor. . . .


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