Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sparkling Morning Light

Shortly after taking this picture I watched two humming birds fly among the blooms that surround the fountain. It's amazing to watch and hear humming birds buzz between flowers with their long beaks. They stop in the air, their wings buzzing furiously. and they slowly extract nectar from flowers. When done, they fly backwards out of the flower and dart to the next sight. It's both relaxing and furiously fast.
But this morning, as I watched, one humming bird flew up to the top of the fountain where the water comes out. He (or she) parked on the edge of the hole and stopped flying. Then he dipped his head into the flow of water and shook it, much like I shake my head coming out of the ocean. He did this several times, spraying water all over his body (and no doubt drinking at the same time). Then after no much longer than a minute, his wings began buzzing and off he (or she) shot. It was as if I saw a model for sabbath rest.


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