Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Treat: no evening meetings

I have a great leadership team! When I went through my performance review in the Spring, one question that came up was how I was going to care for myself given the wacky year this has been in our family (2 deaths and 2 weddings) and in our community (2 evacuating fires). I quickly responded that I would like to have a summer off of evening meetings. They quickly responded: DO IT. So I have. Since Memorial Day, I have had only 2 evening meetings (a Church Council meeting and and Adult Sunday School meeting tonight).
Why is this a big deal? When we were in France, a common question my French friends ask is this: "Is it really true you have dinner and then go back to work? Why?" When I try to discuss our culture of evening meetings, they just roll their eyes. For them, the day ends at dinner, where family and friends gather for a long, slow meal, full of talk and laughter and maybe a walk and game, even singing together (among Christians). I found that my times in France refreshed me more for the evenings at home than any other single thing.
It's probably not possible during the school year, where working folks do not have free time during the day (except breakfasts and lunches) for meetings. Evenings are the time for Confirmation, Councils, Personnel and Finance meetings. But ah, during the summer, it is really nice to have this respite. More churches ought to try a summer sabbath from evening meetings and see what would happen to fellowship, fun and great eating!


At 1:32 AM , Blogger Rick said...

This is our second summer in which we are observing a Sabbath month. July is the month when Sunday School for all ages takes a hiatus, meetings are minimized, and staff is encouraged to take a big step back from ... everything, or as much of everything as possible.

At 7:37 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

The whole church does that?


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