Thursday, June 11, 2009

YouTube Authority

An article in today's New York Times features a new trend in child-birth education: youtube videos of live births! The article began with a curious assumption: we all go to youtube to learn how to fix a computer problem, install a window or test a new product. As I read that I realized what a new authority youtube has become in our culture. It is the visual reference point for any new thing: Susan Boyle, Steven Colbert, breaking news, events we want to see (extreme sports to gourmet cooking). We don't read, we watch. We watch clips, brief ones of what we want. We don't background but just the immediate facts in question. That's why Wikipedia is so attractive, because it takes so little work and is filled with hyper-links.
Question: How does the church (pastors) champion the authority of the Word in a Youtube environment?


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