Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Good Worship

In the silence of a Saturday morning in my study, I'm getting ready for tomorrow, reworking the sermon, making notes in the bulletin, thinking about opening and closing thoughts, considering what to do for a Children's Sermon (on treasure). One of the journals I read that helps me quiet my heart is Martin Marty's "Context." It's a monthly newsletter in the old fashioned format, edited by Marty who clips and pastes from his voracious reading.
This morning I read an excerpt from John G. Stackhouse Jr. professor of theology and culture at Regent College on 5 tips for worship leaders. It's a bit of a rant on compensating with volume what a worship team lacks in skill and musicianship. It's easy to rant against mediocrity, but his article made me all the more appreciative of the excellent job our director of Worship Arts, Bob Gross, does in blending many sounds and instruments each week, writing out musical scores for the variety of instruments (this week: flute, oboe, guitar and drums) and for working hard on the volume. Bob and the sound crew never overwhelm us with noise, but keep the volume at a level that invites us in to sing, but not so loud we cannot hear our own voices. Thanks Bob!


At 1:30 PM , Blogger Scot McKnight said...


Off topic.

Luke, our son, just texted me from Santa Barbara with this note:

"You're a fool if you ever were offered to teach and Westmont and said no."

He thinks the place is awesome. He's scouting some baseball player there today.

At 3:47 PM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Cool! If he's going to church tomorrow and visits MCC, have him introduce himself. Worship is at 10am. Enjoy your baseball games!


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