Monday, July 13, 2009

On Possessions

The sermon yesterday was based on Matthew 6:1-4, 19-21 and revolved around the whole notion of what is and is not a treasure. Treasures on earth are susceptible to decay and degradation while treasures in heaven hold their value and increase in worth over time. Most of the stuff we value clearly falls into the realm of treasures on earth.
One of our young men, wrote to me after the service and shared with me a poem he had recently written just on this theme. The backdrop to this poem are the fires that have ravaged our area this past year. His name is Corey O'Hara:

Fire, take no prisoners!
Rob me of everything I've got,
For if what I have is what I am,
Then really, I am not.

Yes, I've stored up my treasures!
And I know they'll rust and die.
Yet I slave to keep them safe, away;
Thus, where my heart resides.

As ash, the dust of what I was,
Winds from hill to sea,
You've killed your hostage, cursed flame,
But really set me free.


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