Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Suppers

It really does not look like much; not very impressive in many senses. Montecito Covenant Church continues a custom of Wednesday evening outdoor suppers under the oaks on our patio. Each week a different couple or team of people plan the theme from preparing one entree like last night (broasted chicken, salad, baked potatoes, french bread and ice cream) or pot-luck.
We gather in a big circle at 6:00 pm and hold hands to pray (last night we sang together). Then we attempt to eat a meal with someone new as opposed to old friends eating with old friends.
What makes it great is that there is no program, no other agenda than to eat and hang out with each other. Last night about 100 people showed up of all ages. High schoolers sat at one big table together, college students working over here over the summer showed up, seniors from Samarkand car-pooled together, and the rest just showed up. People hung around till just after 8:00 pm, lingering in conversation on the patio and collaboratively stacking chairs and tables to put stuff away.
What's so special about this? It's church at its finest and most elemental; people loving on other people with no agenda. This is way too fun!


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