Monday, July 13, 2009

T-Mobile Terrorism

Monday morning was going well; the NYT's, two cups of strong coffee, emailing and cruising web sites. Then came the phone; an automated scratchy voice telling me that if my name was Don Johnson, I should stay on the line because my T-Mobile account was past due. Past due? I always paid my T-Mobile accounts on time. But wait, I don't have a T-Mobile account any more. I cancelled Martha's account when we bought her new iPhone in June. The ATT&T people shifted over the number and the account was closed.
The T-Mobile guy said we were just a month early from the contract date and the cost would be $200!! Are you kidding? Is T-Mobile that fried from Apple taking market share that they are punishing former customers? That is really bad business. Where is their cost in losing a customer? I wonder how many other T-Mobile stories are out there? This is a regressive strategy in my book. I guess I'll pay them slowly in dribbles, but not without letting them know my disappointment in what was a good company.


At 9:50 AM , Blogger PaulLindman said...

Sorry to say Don, but this is industry standard, not just T-Mobile. The logic is that they almost give away phones up front and need the guarantee of a 2 year contract to recover that cost. Right or wrong, that is the way the telecom world works.

At 10:03 AM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

but we were on longer than two years. is there still apenalty?

At 1:02 PM , Blogger E Erickson said...

WOW - that's important info to get!

At 1:30 PM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

I spent an hour on the phone with reps. We started service Sept 05, but I upgraded Martha's phone July 2007, technically imposing another 2 year contract for improving her service. The T-Mobile guy understood my situation and remediated it to pay for unused contract service till the term ran out...$111.00 It's better than the $261!

At 3:48 PM , Blogger ed said...

This is the apocalypse now!


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