Thursday, July 02, 2009

Teachable Pastors?

In a former congregation a member behaved oddly. He said and did things that were slightly insensitive and bordered on rude. When I went to him and talked with him about his behavior, he dismissed me as meddling (I probably was) and marginalized me from his circle of friendship. When I shared my frustration with a colleague, he asked me, "Well, did you actually think he was teachable?" This both took me back, and freed me up. I clearly realized that this member was firmly set in his ways, habits, routines and behavior. He was beyond teachable, he need to be endured and limited to areas where he would not hurt anybody.
I've thought about that situation recently, but this time in regards to me. Am I still teachable? Am I still open to learning? Are there areas of my life that are off-limits to learning?
I say this because I am in a relationship with an executive coach with the knowledge and funding of the church council. I meet with the coach via phone every three or four weeks with an agenda. I follow-up each meeting with a written report to him and he gives me reading assignments. In this process I am realizing both how much I still need to learn and how resistant I am to changing the way I do things, like run meetings, prepare for worship, organize my time, and use staff and leaders around me.
My hope is that in my 50's I learn more than any other decade of my life. Where are you still teachable and open to learning? Whose voice to you let in to speak to you? Where are you changing the way you used to behave?


At 8:26 AM , Blogger E Erickson said...

WE all need to let go of things...old habits are hard to break. Thanks for letting me see your 'human' side! Happy 4th!!!


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