Sunday, July 19, 2009

Worshiping at Salem

We went to Salem today to worship. It was great. It was hard. I so love the music, the organ, the tight weave of every word, every response, every text. It was well put together. It was hard because it's no longer "my" charge (not as if I ever 'owned' a church). I think I'm going to need some therapy before transitioning from preaching/leader into active worshiper. I wanted to jump in and add something, but I could not. The Holy Spirit has clearly set me loose from this good church to serve Montecito Covenant Church. And while we were worshiping together at Salem, I was wondering how things were going back in Santa Barbara?
The flood of people who greeted us overwhelmed me. Mark Pattie is doing a great job as the new Sr. Pastor along with Kay Sorvik. The church is well and healthy and growing, maybe because I left at just the right time.
Last night I reflected with Dan about the weirdness of the pastoral life, about calling and release, about where is home and where it's not. It's ultimately a God-thing, about the reasons why he moves pastors around and often leaves lay-persons to a life-time in one area. That stability I envy, but the joy I've experienced in Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and now California are worth it all!


At 8:18 PM , Blogger E Erickson said...

too bad that I missed you - Bob and i were in charge of preschool worship downstairs....


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