Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Morning Delight

The New York Times newspaper has been a steady part of my reading diet for 17 years now. It seems odd that I read an East Coast newspaper now that I'm living on the far-West Coast. But one of the benefits of reading through a real paper newspaper like the NYT's on Friday morning is to read its reviews of the newest movies being released today. The reviews themselves are not always that great (or maybe it's just that I'm not a big movie-goer). What is totally delightful, and I'm sure are in-house jokes, are the italicized summaries of each movie at the bottom of the article. It's some of the best and most creative writing in the whole paper.
Today for example: "Paper Heart" (Adult language and infantile behavior)
"Cold Souls" (Be warned: the film encourages thinking)
"Perfect Getaway" (Gun, kinife, hatchet, rock, bow-and-arrow, fist-and-foot violence)
"Julie and Julia" (It has mild profanity, and the indulgence- in exquisite moderation- of a few choice vices)
This is Twitter writing before Twitter.


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