Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reclaiming Land

Martha has been busy in the garden culling overgrown plants. In the midwest, the looming killing frost does most of that for gardeners. Fall comes, the cold kills back gardens and the outlines and dimensions of a garden are rediscovered. Not so in a climate like California, where gardens grow all year long and plants overgrow boundaries and get long in the teeth. So Martha, never one who is shy with clippers, hacked and cut away to reclaim her land.
That's been a metaphor for me in this season of life, learning to clip back areas of my life that have overgrown. Last week (the Noah's week of 1/2 kids' camp) I also said yes to two weddings, preaching on Sunday, a jail service Sunday night and a funeral Monday morning. Ooops! I let things overgrow. All these were good things. But I neglected to borders of my life at the cost of my prayer and devotional time with God.
When do you realize your borders have been overgrown? What areas of your life are easiest to neglect? What steps are you taking this late summer/fall to reclaim spiritual land that has grown weedy? How is your involvement in the local church a help or a hindrance? What new disciplines are you considering adding to or substituting to your routine? What are some best practices that you have discovered?
Now I'd better get clipping!


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