Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Covenant Stewardship Meeting

Below are some fascinating thoughts and quotes that have come out of the meetings today. These are non-attributed and approved by the chair to share with you all:

Stewardship is the clarification of who owns what stuff…it’s that simple. Jesus in the Temple (3:child, Isaiah 61:1, turning tables) What kinds of thoughts were in Jesus’ heart and mind so much that he would disrupt Temple practices? Stewardship is resigning our will to the knowledge of who owns what. Stewardship is defending our knowledge of who owns what

I have a hard time owning two roofs when so many people don’t have even one.
It’s easier to turn a moving ship than a ship that is not moving.

It’s not about the $ but about ownership: who owns what? God’s resources for his purposes

Stewardship education is not about education but formation: creating more stewards

What are the stewardship dimensions to the structures we have in the church


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