Thursday, October 08, 2009

A New Kind of Traveling

This is a different trip for me in many ways. The biggest one is that I did not carry my trusty Cannon camera bag with lenses and gear. Instead I brought a little HD camera from church and my iphone for all my photos. Then, I gave the cameras to Luke and Sid for the entire day. I guess I've taken maybe 50 pictures total for the whole trip. Instead, I concentrate on the group, while Sid and Luke take the shots (like the one above Sid took last night on the roof-deck of the hotel in Athens). Then, we went video, shooting highlight videos of each day that the boys put together and launched each night before they went to bed. Then, lastly, the pictures I have taken were mostly from the iphone...camera pictures. And I like them. It's a new and lighter way for me to travel and record.


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