Thursday, October 29, 2009

What trend do you notice?

A conference staff person made this comment to a pastor-friend of mine: "The professional expectations on pastors are growing while the professional respect is diminishing." Is that really true to your observation? Do you see churches expecting more out of their pastors while respecting them less? Has the wave of pastoral scandals over the years eroded public respect?
A consultant I have used over the years gave me a mantra that I try to both practice and employ with others: "If you are given responsibility over an area, you must also have commensurate authority." When you are assigned increasing responsibility and decreasing authority, a perfect storm is created for burnout and frustration.
Do these trends resonate with your world? Does it matter? Does pastoral effectiveness depend upon either respect or authority? Are these social terms necessary for the church of Christ to thrive and grow? Couldn't a case be made that the exact opposite is the reality around the world? Are not the most effective churches are those that suffer? exist underground? live beneath the radar of social respectability? Doesn't the life of Jesus show just that? Hmmm.


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