Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great thoughts from Brad Boydston

Below is a copied post from Brad Boydston's blog on the whole nature of "frugality" and, by contrast "generosity." As we face the holidays and church budget-making, what do you think?
I've been collecting a few of my thoughts on frugality recently:

1. If you talk a lot about how frugal you are people will assume that you're cheap.

2. If you talk a lot about how frugal you are you are not.

3. Frugality at the expense of others is cheapness.

4. The wise and affluent person who can afford an extravagant lifestyle still practices frugality to free up additional resources for what matters in life.

5. The truly fugal are also outrageously generous.


At 6:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frugality is relative. What for one is frugal for another is extravagance. Again, it is the heart, or attitude, one displays when faced with choice. Of course, being frugal with expressions of affection or concern is quite the opposite. Generosity is the name of the game in that respect. As often is the case, money is the issue at stake here. Those of us who are forced to be frugal out of necessity know how trying it can be to get by on miniscule amounts. Is that frugal? I doubt that is what Brad has in mind. However, as mentioned earlier in this paragraph, "Frugality is relative." Those who have cannot possibly understand a life of forced frugality any more than those who don't have can understand the person who is rich and his/her approach to frugality. In my opinion, we are talking about two sides of a money coin and it boils down to the have's and have-nots. But those who have always know they have, those who don't, don't!


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