Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Question: How was Sunday?

I sat with a friend this morning over coffee. "How did you think Sunday went?" he asked. It took me a long time to answer. I ran through the laundry-list of items that the staff reviews on Tuesday; logistics, light, sound, music, announcements, classes, messes, soloists, typo's, on-time/over-time, A/C, etc. Seldom does the staff comment on the sermon nor do I. I don't think it's off limits, but they give me distance to critique it myself. Finally, after this long pause, I said "OK".
Monday's are the best and worst times to evaluate Sundays. The weekend totally wipes me out (a wedding and reception on Saturday) and a Greece trip reunion feast Sunday night till late. It's all good stuff, but I'm pretty much toast on Mondays. I tried working a Monday a couple weeks ago and I was useless.
As we talked about stuff, he said that when his heart is right with God and he's hungry, it really doesn't matter who preaches or what the music is; it all blesses him. And when he's in a funk, he is critical of Billy Graham himself. So we revised my evaluation to this: it was really good, and it could always get better.


At 9:12 AM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

Keep your mondays! Even God took a day off :)


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