Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughts on Church Thanksgiving Programs

Last night about 60 of us (+/-) gathered in the gym for dessert, singing and listening to four eloquent testimonies of thanksgiving from four seemingly random friends of MCC. We discussed (almost debated) on staff about when the best time is for a church-wide Thanksgiving service: the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving, when more students from Westmont are around or the night before Thanksgiving when everyone who is in town for the holiday are with their families and friends and that night really does "launch" the holiday out of the church? We opted for the Wednesday night this year. The numbers were lower (60 over about 80 last year) but the mood was rich and joyful. The downside was the compressed work-week for the church staff who were also trying to prepare their own Thanksgivings in their homes.
I like the proximity of the celebration to the holiday. Putting it five days away from the actual day makes it a bit more distant. But setting it up the night before puts a lot of pressure on participants and means those who normally attend the church from Westmont are probably at home with their families.
What works at your church?


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