Saturday, December 26, 2009

Avatar...good movie...interesting theology!

Commenting about "Avatar" without having seen it, and now reflecting on it after seeing it is two things. It's a really fun movie. We saw the 3-D version. It took a while to adjust to the glasses, but soon the movie carried me into its fantasy/reality landscape. One commentator's idea carried weight as I watched the movie listening for references to "I see you" and things related to seeing and sight.
You have to see the movie with special glasses. The movie is a vision from James Cameron. Diagnostic technology drives much of the movie,attempting to see what's really there. There are numerous theological/liturgical images of worship, singing, and a specially interesting image of prayer (I'll not spoil that here). It suggested a semi-gnostic theology where knowing brings enlightenment and even salvation.
Another interesting interplay was about who was alien and who was natural? It was certainly enjoyable to see it with my two movie-buff sons, who added interesting thoughts and insights on the drive home.


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