Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Minnesota Saturday moring

Martha and Jeanne are shopping before brunch, so I escaped to a nearby Dunn Brothers for some coffee, reading and reflecting. The smells of fresh roasting coffee permeate the air. It's in St. Anthony Park, so there are a number of Luther Seminary students, known by their earnest seriousness and big texts. Couples of both genders are there with their overly bundled children. Clothes are stacked, strewn, and spread on counters and tables and the floor. I am reminded how much clothing a person needs to keep track of in the cold. While it's 20 degrees outside (up from yesterday's 18), the streets are full of foot traffic. The paths are filled with joggers, dog-walkers, and people with baby strollers padded with down (I think there are babies inside all that insulation). Living indoors, means everything is louder than I've become used to. Conversations compete within closed spaces and I hear burst of conversations over each other.
I know this place. I've successfully lived through midwestern winters all my life. I appreciate the hardy spirit and all the rosy cheeks. Driving through flurries is still fun. Though I'm looking forward to a long beach walk this coming Monday and maybe even a swim!


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