Sunday, December 20, 2009

A question out of a conversation

I was I was listening to some friends talking on the patio today about a tough work situation, when one person made this poignant and puzzling comment: "She things it's her job to correct me." That comment lodged in my brain in two ways: the recognition over the years of those people who take it upon themselves to be the correctors of others, the police of other's behavior and corrector of misperceptions. The other thought was the empowerment we give those to be correctors. This person who made the comment has yielded some authority and even territory to this other person to behave as a corrector. When did that happen?
Who do you allow to correct you? There is a legitimate and valuable need for correctors: for proofreaders of publications and additional calculations of figures. I want my accountant to correct my figures I submit to the IRS. I want strong leaders around me who are not afraid to voice criticism of faulty reasoning or logic.
But you know when it happens when a person assumes the perch of being a permanent corrector, critic and skeptic about all you do. These persons weary the soul because there is no amount of work that is ever good enough. As a senior pastor with a staff, I am aware I can easily morph into the permanent corrector if I'm not careful. I would guess some staff over the years would assign that title to me.
Lord protect us from the permanent correctors and correct us when we become permanent correctors.


At 7:52 AM , Blogger E Erickson said...

thanks, that is important for me to remember!


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