Friday, January 22, 2010

Drawn to the Beach

Since the onslaught of this rain and the storm swells, I've been drawn to the beach every day to observe the raw power of the ocean and water. The beach where I swim has a stairway to the sand, that, at low tide goes 70 yards out to the water line. It's a nice, sandy beach for walking, kids, dogs, volleyball, etc. The beach (above) is gone. But not only gone, it's been washed down to the rocks, at least 4 - 5 feet of sand that was there last week.
But the cowboy in all this is my friend Lennis, who lives in the boat (above) anchored off the beach where I swim. He's lived in this boat almost 10 years by himself. His outboard motor is not working so he must continually bail out the water and clear the anchor of sea-weed (that is accumulating now). The seas since Monday have been in the 6-11 foot range, meaning he's been tossed around like a cork with no let-up. Please pray for the safety of my friend.


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