Monday, January 04, 2010

Four Trends

Brady Boyd in his blog post this morning identified four trends that mark the vital church over the next 10 years: smaller, missional, ancient, supernatural. The mega-crowd is not life-sustaining over time. Does this mean a re-thinking of the multiple-service schedule that even impacts a smaller church like MCC? The response I see to Jon Lemmond as Pastor for Gospel Action is a direct validation of this deep hunger to be more missional on a person-by-person level in the local church. This past Sunday we linked holy communion with renewal of baptismal vows and the Lord's Prayer with strong response. The people I serve yearn for those practices that have endured over time, not the newest and glitziest. Our whole theme of worship this year is on the Holy Spirit and tapping into God's immanent presence among us right here and right now.
These trends really make sense to me, how about you?


At 8:50 AM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

Holy Spirit is about action, right? and i wonder, can modern day tools help foster action in a new way. I think back to the 80s with the advant of the "prayer line" were people could leave voicemails with prayer requests that would be passed on like a network. And that was probably pretty hip for the time. Today we have twitter and email and blogs.

Could you not have a mcc-prayer twitter account and people could simply tweet "@mcc-prayer ".. Obviously, the public nature of twitter would mean that it would be limited to things they don't mind being public. The other way would be to have a mailing list one could subscribe to. That's pretty easy to set up and is a nice opt-in way (and if it's trouble, yahoo groups makes mailing lists easy to set up).

At 12:44 PM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Good idea! Thanks

At 5:11 PM , Blogger mike said...

I continually find myself pushing away from technology which I love when it comes to worship services. Last Sundays service with stations for personal communion reinforced for me the thirst we have to slow down, escape from networks and flashy images and share a few moments of human interaction. When used well, video, images, sound, motion, all add greatly to moments, but the calm, reflective, traditional time we spend in worship refreshes the soul.

Use whatever is at our disposal to get them to the Word but wash over them with love, hold back the flood. Thanks for continually making us think.


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