Thursday, January 28, 2010

List Person

Lists are both joy and bane. When I make a list, it helps me remember what I want to do, get, or accomplish. When others make lists for me, it seems onerous, imposing and demanding. But there are times when good lists really help, like the weddings we have been a part of hosting. It helps when Martha gives me a list of things she wants me to accomplish as the wedding draws near. Lists help as we get ready for travel and especially when I go off to the store. I can remember two things, but the addition of a third requires a list.
But I met a person recently who lives life according to a list...of persons. Once you get on this list, it's almost impossible to get off. And being on this list is not a good thing. I recently met with him/her (lest you try to figure out who he/she is) after being apart from each other for quite a long time. When we got together, out came the list of bitter memories and infractions with minute details. I was impressed by the amount of accurate recall he/she had about affairs in the past, and how they still control his/her life.
What saddened me was that there was little room for much joyful living because the list was everything. I wish I was bold enough to challenge this friends enslavement to the list. I hope I can both draw up lists.....and forget them too.


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