Sunday, January 03, 2010

Liturgical innovations carry a risk of bombing. When you bring in a change to a known pattern, there is the likelihood of push-back and resistance. Today we tried communion from two stations, served by the pastoral staff. Worshipers were invited down side aisles and then were invited again to the baptismal font, front and center (turquoise image) to dip their hands in the baptismal font to renew their baptismal vows.
Today it worked. Worshipers were ready to respond to the good news that they were God's children, loved by God and well pleased in his eyes. The pastoral staff flexed with the situation and were there to cover gaps. There seemed to be none. It was a good day of worship!


At 8:46 AM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...


We had communion at the Cov church near Clairemont yesterday and they had the two lines and the whole dipping the bread way. Both Anna and I commented how we really prefer the way MCC does it because it feels like we all take part at the same time and we like the words ("and he took the bread..." ".. as often as you ...") [i cant recite them verbatim].

I hope you still do the regular way from time to time, we really like that best.


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