Monday, January 25, 2010

Midwinter Connection: what's changed; it or me?

Our experience at Connection is now over and Martha and Jeanne are getting material gathered to construct the Midwinter stage altar-piece (I'll get a picture up later). I've been attending the Connection, formerly called Youth Workers' Connection, then added on to with the Worship Connection, church planters, world missions, chaplains, etc. Since I'm not in the center of administration, I can only observe from the perimeter. But it seemed a lot smaller and a lot louder this year. Again, it might be my aging ears. The worship service last night could not have been more than 250 people in a large hotel ballroom. Is it the economy making the numbers smaller or is the Covenant Connection segmenting into interest areas of ministry? Was the worship time geared for all attendees or just the youth worker component? I know that Denver makes it more remote than Chicago, but it also seemed a bit more fragmented and disconnected. The economy certainly played a part in it, smaller and more vulnerable churches elected not to send pastors and/or youth pastors as a cost-cutting measure.
I will be interested to see how the bigger gathering tonight and into the week goes. Several long-time friends I usually met up with will not be coming due to the economy. Is this a temporary thing or something new we need to grapple with?


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