Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surprise or Reality?

Seth Godin today wrote an interesting piece on a cafe in Japan called Ogori where a customer gets what the person in front of him ordered and paid for, and who orders and pays for what the person next in line will be getting.
Does that sort adventurous eating intrigue you or scare you away? I proposed that idea as a student ministries event some years ago, and was soundly and instantly rejected. The students I was with were too food-fussy to allow anyone to choose food for them.
But isn't the on-the-ground reality that my life-choices do impact those who come next in line? The way I choose to spend my money and use the environment have a direct impact on my children and grandchildren. The way I choose to exercise leadership in the church as its pastor now has a direct consequence on my successor and future church leaders. We all need to be aware of who is down-stream from us.


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