Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pastor as Hunter or Farmer?

Seth Godin wrote a piece on the marketplace today that I thought was a good discussion starter for pastors. It described two types of people: hunters and farmers. All of us who have studied basic anthropology and the story of the people of Israel know how hard it is to shift from nomadic to agrarian, from wandering to stable.
What kind of pastor are you: a hunter or a farmer:

Some ways to think about this:

  • George Clooney (in Up in the Air) and James Bond are both fictional hunters. Give them a desk job and they freak out.
  • Farmers don't dislike technology. They dislike failure. Technology that works is a boon.
  • Hunters are in sync with Google, a hunting site, farmers like Facebook.
  • When you promote a first-rate hunting salesperson to internal sales management, be prepared for failure.
  • Farmers prefer productive meetings, hunters want to simply try stuff and see what happens.
  • Warren Buffet is a farmer. So is Bill Gates. Mark Cuban is a hunter.
  • Hunters want a high-stakes mission, farmers want to avoid epic failure.
  • Trade shows are designed to entrance hunters, yet all too often, the booths are staffed with farmers.
  • The last hundred years of our economy favored smart farmers. It seems as though the next hundred are going to belong to the persistent hunters able to stick with it for the long haul.
  • A hunter will often buy something merely because it is difficult to acquire.
  • One of the paradoxes of venture capital is that it takes a hunter to get the investment and a farmer to patiently make the business work.
  • A farmer often relies on other farmers in her peer group to be sure a purchase is riskless.


At 8:13 PM , Blogger Brad Boydston said...

In some settings I'm a hunter and in some settings I'm a farmer. It's a matter of context.


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