Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank You

The idea of spending an entire Saturday morning at a "chaplains' enrichment seminar" excited me about as much as a toothache! There were so many other better things I could have been doing. But I dutifully went. Here we are, above, singing worship songs that were ok (I'm used to the musical leadership of Bob Gross now).

Then the Assistant Sheriff in charge of operations came forward, with tears in his eyes. He is the one who juggles budgets and the dollar flow from both the county and state, and it's all bad news. He then paused and said, "You people are the ones who make a difference here." Then they invited three ex-cons up who had come to Christ during their time in the Santa Barbara County Jail, and through tears they thanked us for coming out and planting seeds...that sprouted.

The rest of the morning involved updating us on rules and regulations, safety procedures and lots of questions. Before I knew it we were adjourned at noon. I walked out grateful and with that warm, warm feeling of being thanked.


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