Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thought on Ordination

To what does ordination entitle a pastor? What entitlements come with being a Senior Pastor like I am? A private office, a book allowance, lap-top, cell-phone, ???? It can become a long list. And the funny thing is that my list only looks up to those who have more things, and seldom down to those doing ministry with less.
I had a conversation with another pastor about cars recently. What kid of cars should a pastor drive: new or used? domestic or foreign? fancy or plain? In the midwest, modesty was the norm; nothing showy or exotic. But in California, where there is a culture of the car, rules are different. Here there are great deals on used BMW's and Mercedes, sometimes cheaper than a new VW Beetle (I've had two). If you saw the blog post below on the Confederate motorcycle, which I thought at first glance was one of the coolest bikes I'd ever seen, until I discovered its $110,000 price. Then it seemed pretty dumb!
This morning in devotions I read an excerpt from Thomas Dozeman's "Holiness and Ministry" that set ordination in a fresh new light:
"The office of priest results in a loss of freedom for the sake of the larger community. Individual priests give up many of the freedoms of the profane world in order to be mediators for the whole people of God in the setting of the sanctuary. An important question for anyone pursuing the priestly ordination to the sacrament in Christian tradition is to determine what freedoms one is giving up or losing by becoming ordained. If candidates cannot think of any, they have not squarely confronted the priestly ordination to the sacrament."
.....for the sake of the larger community.


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