Monday, March 08, 2010

Facebook: pay attention

Randall Stross wrote a piece in Sunday's NYT's about some significant growth within Facebook. Users in 2007 numbered 50 million. Today there are 400 million active users. More than 50% of Facebook users in the USA are 35 and up, with only 26.8% under 24. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. And Facebook's game FarmVille attracts 83 million users per/month! During the month of January 2010, users spent about 7 hours on Facebook (how many Sundays in that month?). Use time is growing at 10% per month, while Google fell by 14.3%, Yahoo by 27% and Microsoft by 26.%

Jesse Rice "gets it" in the book "The Church of Facebook". Rice observes Facebook offering connection in a way the church used to do and calling it "community" and "friends". It's not bad, but it is ...is. I'd love to see an online forum, Midwinter, Covenant Companion address and get up in front of this socio-technological trend.


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