Friday, March 12, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit: gentleness

Do you remember the days of tele-marketers? The days before caller ID? The days before the “do not call” lists? It was one of those days when all our kids were home and we were struggling for the semblance of a family dinner routine (not easy). When the phone rang, I picked it up. It was a tele-marketer beginning her script. I interrupted her and barked: Our family is just sitting down to a meal. Do you realize what time this is? I’d like your home number so I can call you later tonight when we are done with meals and meetings and then I can interrupt your evening with a phone call about whatever it is that you are saying!

The tele-marketer was silent. I hung up the phone proudly and returned to the table, where our daughter looked up at me with big eyes and said one word “Ouch!” I was mean and she saw her dad’s meanness. “Dad, she was just doing her job.” There was no justifying argument for my behavior. I was anything but gentle and I apologized to the whole family for my outburst .

The 8th Fruit of the Holy Spirit is Gentleness. Where have you experienced compelling gentleness? And where have you struggled with gentleness? In what ways is gentleness something that comes naturally? And how is gentleness something you genuinely dislike? If, between now and Sunday you have a gentleness illustration or story, send it to me.


At 5:39 PM , Blogger E Erickson said...

thanks for that story. Good reminder.


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